How can you use Virtual Reality using your phone?

Not all phones are created equal; some of them come with full Virtual Reality Support in terms of gyroscope and graphics, while others are just used to create a 3D effect using side by side content. You can easily turn your Smartphone into a Virtual Reality Headset, but for that, you will need to ensure that your Smartphone supports the Virtual Reality and that you have any necessary equipment. Phone based virtual reality is much cheaper, although less immersive, than stand alone VR systems. So, if you want to know how to use Virtual Reality using your phone, this guide is for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain the different ways which you can use to find if your Smartphone is VR Ready or not. We will also share the 3 simple steps you can use to enjoy Virtual Reality on your Smartphone. Let’s get started.

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How do I know if my phone Supports VR or not?

Not all phones come with full support for VR; that’s why it’s important that you check it before spending your money on other equipment. There are basically three ways to check whether your phone supports VR or not. Let’s take a look. Most phones can simulate virtual reality however using simple side by side content that is split in the center of the screen, but these require an additional headset to work.

Using YouTube

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform which comes with tons of VR Content and Movies. So, if you want to know whether your phone supports VR or not, you can use YouTube.

Just go to YouTube, type “Best 360 VR Videos,” and you will find the VR Video. Open any video of your choice and check if you can move the video in different angles with your finger. If the answer is yes, then your Smartphone supports Virtual Reality.

Using Smartphone Specifications

The second way to find out whether your Smartphone supports VR or not is to check the specifications of your Smartphone. If your Smartphone has a Gyroscope sensor, your Smartphone supports VR, and you can enjoy VR Content on your Smartphone.

Using Virtual Reality Apps

The third way is to install the VR Apps on your Smartphone. Just open the Play Store or App Store and Type Virtual Reality Apps.

Install the app, and it will have two screens. Now start moving the Smartphone, and if the screens are changing the view, then it’s a sign that your Smartphone supports Virtual Reality.

How do you use Virtual Reality Using your phone?

Once you have confirmed that your phone support VR, you can start consuming VR Content on your phone. But, first, you will need to ensure that you have the right equipment. Let’s take a look at 3 simple steps that you can use to ready your phone for Virtual Reality.

Step 1: Find a VR Kit (Headset)

The first step is to get a VR Kit, which will basically hold your Smartphone in front of your eyes via a hands free headset. There are tons of VR Kits available out there, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. However, if you want the reliable one, you can go for Google Cardboard, which will cost you $15. Alot of other options on Amazon also exist which take advantage of your phone as the display.

Google Cardboard review - handheld smartphone VR viewer
Google Carboard

If you are looking for a premium VR Kit, you can get the Google Daydream View, which comes with better finishing, and it’s more comfortable to use. You can also consider Samsung Gear VR, which is considerably expensive, but it offers a better Virtual Reality Experience. Most of these kits work well with most modern smartphones but if you are getting a VR Kit other than the ones mentioned on this list, make sure that the Kit supports your phone.

Step 2: Attach your Phone to VR Kit

Once you get the VR Kit, the next step is to mount your Smartphone, and you can start enjoying the VR Content. If you want to enjoy the VR Movies, you can check our guide on “Best Virtual Reality Movies.”

You can also browse YouTube, which comes with a great collection of VR Content. Just pick the content you want to play and start enjoying.

Step 3: Control with your Headset

The best thing about VR Content is that it’s fully immersive, and you can look around. When it comes to VR Kits, many use the sensors in your Smartphone for movement. So, just move your head around, and you will be able to control your view. Some VR kits also come with physical buttons for controlling the action.


Are All Phones VR Compatible?

All phones can support 3D via side by side content and a headset but no, not all phones are fully VR Compatible. The headphones that come with Gyroscope are compatible with VR because Gyroscope is the sensor that helps the phone in detecting motion and position. Even without a gyroscope, you can still get basic 3D content using a VR Kit headset and a video in side by side view.

Does VR Work on phones without Gyroscope?

A gyroscope is a vital sensor that is required if you want to experience full VR on your Smartphone. So, if your phone doesn’t have Gyroscope, VR apps or videos won’t work on your phone. If the videos are simply fixed and displayed in side by side fashion to create a 3D effect, then your phone with a VR kit headset will work.


That’s all, folks. That’s how you can determine and setup Virtual Reality on your phone. Your Smartphone won’t offer as immersive experience as the premium VR Headsets, but it can get the job done. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to visit our website for more VR guides.

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